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Wine Spotlight: Sanger Champagne

December 08, 2019

Sanger 'Voyage 360' Brut Nature Non Dose

We like Moet and Veuve too, but trust us, it's worth mixing it up and trying this no dosage offering from Sanger this holiday season. A student winery in Champagne, Avize wine school is all about passing on winemaking knowledge to a younger generation and furthering tradition while also innovating, and it shows in this exciting but still classic bottle of bubbly. No dosage means that there's absolutely no residual sugar, so this champagne is bone dry. That' doesn't mean it's flavorless though. There's a surprising amount of honey on the nose, along with bright citrus. Move on to the palate and you'll find luscious fresh apple, accompanied by balancing salinity and a finish that rounds out with brioche and nuttiness. It's certainly an intricate champagne that reveals something new with every sip, but it all melds together flawlessly with the strong bubbles to form a bottle of pure joy.

Serving suggestion: Perfect for all your champagne toast needs! Or to pair with a rich seafood dish for a celebratory night in.

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